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PCB manufacturing 5 advantages2003—2022 PCB expert
  • 15 years of focus

    15 years specializing in R & D and manufacturing of metal core PCB, 10000 square meter industrial park, Win a number of patents.

    Seiko Manufacturing

    A full set of automatic metal core PCB production equipment, with capacity of more than 30000 square meters per month.

    The length of the LED exposure machine is 1.5m, and the aluminum core PCB with 1.2m long and 0.4mm thickness can be made.

  • Experienced

    For hundreds of enterprises to provide MCPCB services, customers have PHILPS OSRAM OPPLE BMW BYD and so on.

    Quality Assured

    Aluminum substrate brands: Bergquist, Laird ,EMC, GDM

    Ink brands: TAIYO INK, DIC INK

    ISO9001 ISO14001 TS16949 Certified & UL Approved.

  • Short Delivery Quick Turn

    MCPCB prototype 1-2 days, Low Volume 5-7 days, large Volume 7-10 days.

    One to one after-sales service of the Engineer

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HuanYu Future Technologies Co., Ltd is one of the China leading Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Enterprises. HuanYu Future Established in May 1999, Located in Guangzhou, Which is the largest national high-tech PCB manufacturing ent...



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